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October 29th 2020

Unfortunately absent from the shop due to shoulder injury. Recovering from operation this week and should be back in the shop the first week in November to resume work as much as possible.

October 2020

Many apologies to my many customers and especially those with work in progress. I have been unable to do much work for the last 4 weeks and the shop has been mostly closed over this period. I have damaged a tendon in my shoulder while receiving stock into the shop and this has put my left arm out of action.

Thanks to our great Scottish NHS I have been diagnosed and operated on very quickly and I am hoping to get back into the shop in the first week in November. I will be doing my best to get through the existing workload and have a very kind helper to help me manage as my arm completes the recovery.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your artwork that I have booked in.



Tuesday 13th August.

Into my second week of managing the shop and finding I am very busy. 

Many different frames to do as well as copying and printing.

Some pictures coming in to be framed or to be reframed due to breakage as well as refreshing old frames.


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